Text Inserter Freeware

InstantType™ is a text insertion program that pastes frequently used text if triggered by an abbreviation.


Youtube Click here to watch a video demonstration.

You may say that it is anything new at all, but the special feature is that it works in any Windows program and it is not limited to Office programs.

InstantType works in all Email programs and Office programs such as OpenOffice, online applications like Google Docs and any Internet browser including Firefox, InternetExplorer or Opera.

InstantType auto-completes your frequently used phrases anywhere. It makes typing faster and more intelligent.

Easy to use

Simply enter the phrase and its abbreviation. That’s all. You are ready to go in less than a minute and you will save you hours of work.

Robust Engine

InstantType has been developed by the PhraseExpress Team as an freeware addition to their professional Text Expander for Windows software that allows you to provide boilerplate templates in a company network.


We give away the program free-of-charge. No strings attached. We want to provide a free alternative to our full-fledged professional text phrase software solution PhraseExpress.

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